These cute and easy aprons are great for learning simple techniques, making covered buttons, and sewing on buttons.


apronheart apron


Less than 1/4 yard each of 2 fabrics are needed for a doll’s apron, and 1/2 yard each of 2 fabrics are needed for an apron to fit a child 7-12.  Make it with or without pockets, and finish with ribbon, buttons or other embellishments.


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Does your 7-12 year old want to take a sewing and/or crochet class to make items for her 18″ doll?

Two classes are scheduled for Saturday, Dec. 11, 2010.


Basic Sewing – 9:30 am – 12:00 pm – $35.00
Stay all day for both classes for $50.00 plus optional $5.00 for child’s lunch of grilled cheese sandwich and juice or soda.  Roam has made an exception for this Saturday class for children who prefer to bring sack lunches.

All materials are provided.  Just show up and bring your doll(s)!  Class size is limited to allow for personalized attention.

Please call me at 770-772-6511 with any questions.


ReeEEaaAALLY?” she asked in a tone of wonderment and possibility.  “WE can make a costume for Chloe just like mine?”

Of course.  And sew we did.

Use a measuring tape to wrap around and measure the wrist and waist of your doll for making a bracelet and a sash from ribbon.



Quiz: halloween ribbons and candy

For the doll's wrist, we measured 4". If we wanted to add 1/2" to each end to turn back for a finished edge, how much ribbon should be cut?

We measured 11" for the doll's waist. If we wanted to add 6" to each end plus 2 more inches to tie, how much ribbon should be cut?

If you visit 60 houses and get one piece of candy at 20 of the houses and two pieces at all the rest, how many pieces of candy will you have?

One little mini Reese's cup has 4.6 grams of sugar. If you eat five of them, how many grams of sugar will that be?

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8-year-old girl with her 18" dog and 18" doll

This reversible top has many elements for a guided sewing lesson plus fun embellishments of covered buttons and yo-yos.  It’s like working a fabric puzzle!


Quiz: the price of fabric

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My sweet little 7-yr-old friend told her Grandpa she wanted a bed for her doll, Rebecca. We sketched a bed with measurements of 12″ width x 22″ length with 4″ legs and the height of the bedposts 12″. He made this adorable bed for her that she loves.

Peace comforter, pillow and
accent peace pillow

Green stripe comforter and bolster with owl accent pillow;
white cotton dust ruffle

Owl pillow is 4″ x 4″


Quiz: bed and bedding calculations

Please go to little bed and bedding calculations to view the quiz pink tape queston mark